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    How to use only wallpapers from your favorite windows theme pack | Download free Windows7themes

    Windows Themes improves the look of Windows 7. Everybody likes to add their own favorite windows themes to their Microsoft Operating System. When we download the theme, Theme will be saved as bundle with .themepack extension. The Windows theme pack contains wallpapers, color schemes, etc. Most users want to use only wall paper from the […]

    Download Office 2010 Language Interface Packs (LIP) for Free

    Microsoft provides a feature with which users can localize and use Office 2010 in their native language. Same feature of Localization is provided for Windows Vista and Windows 7. Microsoft provides Localization for Office 2010 in the form of Office 2010 Language Packs and Office 2010 Language Interface Packs (LIPs). Both of the packs provides […]

    Download Microsoft Office 2010 Language Packs for FREE | Official Direct Download Links

    Microsoft is providing Language Packs for Office 2010. If you have Office 2010 installed on your PC, you could use any of the Language pack (download link provided below) to translate and convert Office 2010 in your favorite language. Office 2010 language packs are add-in products that enable multiple language and show localized Menus/Display, Help, […]

    How to bring back missing Start Menu Search box in Windows 7

    Start Menu Search box feature is one of the great features of Windows 7. While typing into the start menu search box, it instantly shows a list of relevant documents, music, movies, pictures and e-mails that are residing in your computer. Microsoft Windows 7 is also designed to search external hard drives, networked PCs, and […]

    How to resolve ‘Desktop Gadgets has stopped working’ Error Message in Windows Vista or Window7

    Most of the users using Windows Vista or Windows 7 must be using Windows Gadgets. The main reason for extensive usage of Windows Gadgets is that it provides quick and easy to access interface. Apart from Microsoft Gadgets there are thousands of third party Gadgets for Windows are available for free download and many users […]

    4 Steps to Speed up your Computer with Pen Drive – Ready Boost

    Improving your system speed by adding additional memory is not a difficult task. You can either upgrade the memory by Installing RAM Modules or there is a much easier way to Increase the Memory of your System. You can do this using a Pen Drive (Flash Drive). Yes, Just use your Pen Drive (flash drive) […]

    Free Hindu Panchangam Gadget for Windows

    Many of us believe in the good time and bad time of life. In the same way, there are good times and bad times in a day. Some people regularly follow the panchang timings for all their works. Some people follow Panchang only for important occasions of their life. Panchang is nothing but a Hindu […]

    Improve productivity on Microsoft Word 2010 using Power House addon

    It would be very helpful for MS Word users, If Google search is available within the MS Word tool bar. User need not open Browser to search the web. This will save lot of time and leads to improve your productivity. This can be achieved with small addon Power House. Power House is a Microsoft […]

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