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    How to Tweak Torrent Client for Faster Torrent Download Speeds

    If you are new to the torrent world, then you should first check read this: GUIDE to Download Movies, Software, Tv Shows using Torrents and then continue reading this post. I going to show a Tweak to Increase the Torrent Download Speed. I think most of them have come across some Tweaks to make Internet […]

    Windows 8 Tweaker 4.0 – Enable / Disable / Unlock Hidden Features in Windows 8 – Download Now

    Windows 8 Tweaker 4.0 is a freeware tool which can Tweak Microsoft Windows 8. If you have installed Windows 8 ISO on the USB then you might have seen that there are lots of Programs / Features which are locked up or hidden. You can use Windows 8 Tweaker tool to Unlock / Enable / […]

    Enable Quick Launch toolbar to the Taskbar in Windows 8 – [How-To Guide]

    Recently, I installed Windows 8 using USB Drive. Here is the FULL GUIDE: To install Windows 8 using USB Drive. After installing Windows 8, I noticed that on Desktop the Quick Launch bar in Taskbar in Windows 8 is missing. Just like it was missing with Windows 7. Here is the GUIDE to Add / […]

    Stereo Mix in Windows 8 Missing – Here are Few Solutions to Enable

    Stereo Mix is missing in Windows 8. Windows 8 was released recently and most of the PC’s or Laptops have this one problem – “No Stereo Mix on Windows 8. The same problem of Missing Stereo Mix or Wave Out which doesn’t allow to do Recording which is played back has been surfaced on Microsoft […]

    Backup Personal Files and Folders on cloud using MyPCBackup

    In this day and age, most of our important things like are stored in electronic medium. We store our important files, photos, videos, scanned files, etc., on our PC / Laptops. Doing so, we are reducing the paper clutter but there is an also risk of losing them due to PC Crash or Storage media […]

    10 Tips for Great Search Engine Positioning

    To be noticed or successful in the world wide web one needs to employ sound business sense as well as practices. When a surfer uses the search engines to find information he can get what he needs inside the first 7-10 results available. This means that sites that are ranked higher than 10 are hardly […]

    How to protect your system from DNS Changer Malware

    DNS Changer Malware is the most talked malware / virus attack on the cyber world. It is a threat to the Internet Security. Experts have said that one has to be extra cautious and make sure he/she takes all proactive measures to secure their PC / Laptop from this deadly malware. What is DNS Changer? […]

    Database Performance Tuning – A Lengthy Process

    Your database is like a car engine, and it needs to be tuned regularly so that it performs correctly. To save time and money, keep your database running at its optimum level with a tune up. If you leave the problem for too long they become less productive. You may find that your database is […]

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