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    How to find out Website hacked or infected

    Most of the webmasters nightmare is that their website getting hacked by a hacker or infected by malware. Every website owner or blogger should know on How to find out whether website is hacked or infected. Below are few pointers that might indicate whether website is compromised or not. There are lots of possibilities in […]

    Hacked Site Notifications in Google Search

    Google has introduced a new notification in Google Search. This notification will let the users searching on Google know whether a site appearing on Google search has been compromised (hacked) or not. It will help people avoiding visiting sites that has been compromised or altered by a third party, or a spammy site. This will […]

    Web Hosting Search helps you select the Best Hosting Provider

    Most of the Bloggers or webmasters after buying a domain must have faced the problem as to “Which Host Provider to choose”. Even I have faced back in 2007 (When i launched NiharsWorld). During that time, I didn’t have much knowledge and didn’t do research. The world is growing at a fast pace. There is […]

    Make websites load Faster using mod_pagespeed for Apache

    In the past, I have share a tip on How to load websites faster in browser. But, never shared a tip on “How to make websites load faster”. This tip useful for all the Bloggers and Webmasters who are always looking to optimize their website. If a website or blog is faster it will help […]

    Download Google SEO Starter Guide e-Book PDF File for FREE

    Google is known around the world for its popular search engine. There is a good news for all Bloggers or Webmasters. Google has come up with a “Google SEO Started Guide”. This SEO Guide from Google contains “Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Starter Guide” Tips and Tricks. It is a digital e-book in PDF format. This […]

    WordPress Blog showing Premature end of script headers in Error Log and showing Error 500 Internal Server Error

    Yesterday, this blog was down for an hour an so. During that time, any visitor visiting my blog was getting the the page with the following error: 500 Internal Server Error Even for me, when i was trying to open WordPress Admin or WordPress Dashboard. I was getting 500 Internal Server Error. I was surprised […]

    How to submit Website / Blog to Bing Webmaster Tools

    This is my first post on Bing (Microsoft’s Search Engine). There are hundreds and thousands of bloggers blogging about Bing Search Engine. I want to share a tip on how to get your Website or Blog indexed by Bing Search Engine. Bing also offers a facility like Google Webmasters tools where you can “submit the […]

    How to Highlight Special Paragraphs or Sentences in the post or article

    Few days back, Atul from Ocean of Web left a comment at How to Block Visitors from specific IP using .htaccess hack. This is what he asked : Hi Nihar Make sure you backup .htaccess file before you making any changes. for this line in red color box with cross mark, are u using any […]

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