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  • Six-Figure Professional Bloggers Featured in Channel TEN TV

    I regularly read Darren Rowse and Digital Inspiration blogs.

    As i went to Digital Inspiration blog to read the latest post, I came to know that Darren Rowse, Karen and Neerav Professional Bloggers from Australia who earn Six-Figure on blogging are featured in Channel Ten TV.

    Congrats to all the three for this achievement.

    You can also check Digital Inspiration blog featured on CNN IBN

    Six-Figure Professional Bloggers Video featured on Channel TEN TV.

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    Stereo Mix Missing – Enable Playback Audio Recording in Windows XP, Vista

    This is the most common problem that users face. Most of the laptops and desktops will not find Stereo Mix under recording option . This problem doesn’t allow users to Record Playback Audio. I know most of you reached this web page are looking for a solution to a problem of Missing Stereo Mix under recording option in Windows Operating System.

    What is Stereo Mix ?

    Stereo Mix is playback audio. You can see Stereo Mix under Playback devices in Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1. But can’t see Stereo Mix under Recording devices in most of the laptops and desktops as stated earlier.

    After reading the rest of the post which is especially helpful if you are using either Windows XP or Vista.

    Please check below posts if you are using Windows 7 and Windows 8 OS (links can be found below), you can Resolve Missing Stereo Mix and start Playback Audio Recording!!!

    Click here to Enable Stereo Mix on Windows 7 | Enable Stereo Mix on Windows 8

    How I resolved Missing Stereo Mix under Recording option ?

    There is a history behind it. It takes me back to April and May 2008. I was using Toshiba Satellite A-105 S8424 Notebook in the year 2006 also faced the same problem (Infact I am still using the same laptop in year 2014). I couldn’t find Stereo Mix under Recording option.

    When I was trying to record a song and was surprised to see that there was No “Stereo Mix” option under recording in Volume Controls.

    Firstly, I uninstalled and re-installed latest RealTek HD Audio Drivers to get Stereo Mix from Toshiba site. But without luck, I then uninstalled the audio drivers and installed Latest drivers from RealTek Site with no luck. I then tried to install Windows XP Compatible Audio Drivers. It didn’t work either.

    I started looking for solutions to get Stereo Mix option on Google search, Bing Search and Yahoo search. I ended up reading lot of pages found in search results and then checked out forums, blogs and websites but failed to find Missing Stereo Mix solution for Toshiba Laptop.

    – Read the Differences Between Windows 7 and Windows 8

    Uninstall and Install Audio Drivers (for only Vista users) :

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    Get more comments and visitors by using CommentLuv Plugin

    CommentLuv WordPress Plugin

    I have just now discovered a very useful plugin for WordPress. It is called CommentLuv Plugin.

    You can also read my previous post Best (must have) WordPress Plugins to find out more interesting WordPress Plugins.

    How does this plugin get you more comments and visitors?

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    Rename Firefox tabs for your privacy – Firefox Plugin

    In my previous post, I mentioned How to Hide Browser at workplace. But there are other ways to also have your privacy while browsing.

    How many times it has happened to you? You are in the midst of browsing and somebody walks in and is standing right behind you. You feel that you don’t want to show what you are browsing.

    Most of us just keep a watch on others moving around us and do surfing.
    Firefox Plugins

    This is were Rename Firefox Tabs firefox plugin comes as a life saver for you.

    Rename Firefox tabs Plugin

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    NiharsWorld got a new look! – on WP Premium Theme

    From yesterday, you might have noticed that the look of my site has changed.

    From December 2007, this site was on CopyBlogger Theme. I was bored of the same look and i am sure regular visitors were also bored.

    Now this site is WP-Premium Theme which is developed by R. Bhavesh.

    He is very kind to provide Premium Theme for free, Thanks to him.
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    Google Paper — Hows that sound

    AFTER colonizing cyberspace, Google is going into the newspaper business.

    The search engine giant is in talks with several newspaper publishers to sell space in their pages to its online clients.

    This expansion will worry bosses of rival media companies who have already called for greater regulation of the fast-growing Google.

    Google Print Ads is an extension of Google AdWords, the auction system that lets companies bid for a slot that appears alongside specific online word searches.

    Instead of an auction, advertisers pick a newspaper online through Google and enter a bid for available advertising space on a given page and day.

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    Some interesting facts about Human Body

    Here are few interesting facts of human body:

    Human Body

    Hiccups happen when the diaphragm, the muscle that controls our breathing, becomes irritated and start to spasm and contract uncontrollably. With each contraction, air is pulled into the lungs very quickly, passes through the voice box, and then the epiglottis closes behind the rush of air, shaking the vocal chords, causing the “hic” sound. The irritation can be caused by rapid eating, emotional stress and even some diseases. The best cure? Breathing into a paper bag. This calms the diaphragm by increasing the amount of carbon dioxide in your bloodstream.

    – The length from your wrist to your elbow is the same as the length of your foot.

    – Your heart beats 101,000 times a day. During your lifetime it will beat about 3 billion times and pump about 400 million litres (800 million pints) of blood.

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