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  • How to Secure your Chats (Yahoo, MSN , Gtalk )

    It is rather common for workplaces to monitor instant messaging traffic, and savvy individuals could do it by intercepting, say, your Wi-Fi signal in your house or a public wireless hotspot. If you’re discussing sensitive material via IM, you might want to consider encrypting your IM traffic.

    Secure Chat

    Check this post : Is Yahoo Chat Safe ?

    The good news is that encryption is available for virtually every IM platform. I have listed a few softwares that will help us secures our IM Environments


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    How to Delete files permanently from HDD

    Even though I empty my trash, there is the possibility of someone retrieving some of the information because it is still lurking somewhere on my hard drive. If this is true, why can’t I go to that particular place, see what’s there and delete it myself anytime I wish?


    This is an old story but it’s worth telling again for those who don’t know it. Put simply: When you delete a file from your computer (and it needn’t be Windows, this is common to every type of PC), that file doesn’t “go away.” Rather, to save wear and tear on your hard drive and to simplify the operation, your computer just eliminates the record of where the file began. Think of your PC as containing a giant “shopping list” of all the files on its hard drive. Delete the canned peaches off that shopping list and the store doesn’t actually get rid of the peaches. It just “forgets” that they are there. The space allocated to the peaches remains there until the store needs the space for something else.

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    Desktop Linux hurts Microsoft

    Linux has kept a big chunk of the server business out of Microsoft’s hands. But in 2008, Linux will hurt Microsoft on the desktop. Here’s how.

    A new computing platform

    Thanks to Moore’s Law and evolving application needs, a new computing platform arrives every 10 years. Mainframes in the ’50s, minicomputers in the ’60s, PCs in the ’70s, microcontrollers in the ’80s, PDAs and cell phones in the ’90s and now sub-$400 – soon to be sub-$300 notebooks.

    Small and light enough to be carried everywhere, these sub-notes provide Internet access, PDA functionality and basic mail and document creation functionality at a rock-bottom price. Asustek is expected to build 1,000,000 Eee sub-notes in Q1 ‘08 alone. Asustek’s competitors are just getting warmed up.
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    Find Shortest Distance Between Any Two Locations On Earth – Using Google Maps or Google Earth

    Today, I am going to tell you how to find the shortest distance in kilometers between any two points on the globe. You can also check the shortest line drawn on the Google map between the two points after calculating the distance.

    After you read this post, you will be able to find the shortest possible distance between any two places on the earth. But the shortest distance can be traveled by a bird to fly alone and not by an aircraft because of No-fly zones.

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    Second Tied Test Match In The History of Cricket (INDIA V AUSTRALIA)

    Tied Test refers to two matches of Test cricket

    The first was in 1960 and the second in 1986, both of which ended as a tie: that is, the aggregate scores of both teams were equal at the conclusion of play, and the side batting last had completed its innings with all 10 batsmen being out. Both Tied Tests involved the Australian cricket team.

    The second Tied Test, 1986

    Dean Jones feels the heat during his epic innings
    Dean Jones feels the heat during his epic innings

    I am talking about India V Australia, at the M. A. Chidambaram Stadium, Chepauk, Madras, in India between September 18 and September 22, 1986. Here is the scoreboard of that match.
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    Type in Hindi (and other Indian regional languages) using English Keyboard

    I was wondering that a lot of people in orkut have their names in Hindi or any other regional language. I thought of doing a Google search and finding out software/site that allows me to type in Hindi.

    Click on below thumbnail to enlargeNiharsWorld in Hindi
    NiharsWorld in Hindi

    Found out a lot of sites, of which i am listing three sites that i found very interesting:
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    How to Find and Remove Duplicate Images or Pictures from your PC

    Most of us save Images, Pictures, Wallpapers in our PC from the Internet, CD’s, Friend’s PC or photos taken from our Digital Camera. Most of us love to have a collection of beautiful images, pictures in any format like jpeg, bmp, gif or any other extension. After some days, months and years, your hard drive will have hundreds and thousands of images. And definitely there might be duplicate ones lying around on your drives eating up your hard disk space.

    I want to share a tool that i am using from last 4-5 years. With this tool, you can remove the duplicate pictures.

    The tool is DupDetector, its a free ware. Click DupDetector to download it.

    How to Find and Remove Duplicate Images / Pictures

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    Best (must have) WordPress Plugins

    I started blogging on this website from December 2007. This blog is on WordPress Blogging Platform( or i can call it as it uses WordPress blogging software). It is free and it is available at wordpress.org.

    Best (must have) WordPress Plugins

    I have spent lot of time searching for WordPress Plugins, liked few and disliked few 🙂

    Today, I have come up with this post to list out the ‘Must Have Plugins’ for WordPress. This will help people who are looking for Best WordPress Plugins.

    Best WordPress Plugins in alphabetical order:

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