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  • See Twitter posts and Flickr photos appear on a map in real time

    Recently, I found this amazing website : Twittervision .

    It was great: let me tell you why.

    It gives you a real time geographic visualization of posts submitted to Twitter. The moment anyone adds post to Twitter, you see the title of the post at the location on the globe along with the name of the person. Just click that and you could read the entire post.

    See Twitter posts and Flickr photos appear on a map in real time

    The website has another benefit of advertising itself. Just check it out for 5 minutes and you realize how many people are using it and uploading their work around the world.

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    Who’s on your Site – Find on World Map in Real time

    Most of the bloggers / webmasters use some kind of tool to keep track of visitors.

    I am using StatCounter, Google Analytics and a very interesting and exciting widget by Amung.us.

    Following are the two widgets i use and i am sure that everybody who reads this post will start using it on their blog/site 🙂

    Who Widget : whos.amung.us

    I started using whos.amung.us widget from December 2007. It is a nice small widget that shows the current users online. Check below.

    web tracker
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    URL Alias for Mozilla FireFox – Very Useful Feature

    Guys, I was waiting for this feature from long time and its absence was making me stick to Maxthon Browser.

    Here it is : URL Alias that is a built-in feature of Firefox.

    Kudos to a reader of this blog who commented the following after reading this Article/Post Browser Wars Maxthon Vs Firefox :

    Noob left a comment in Browsers War Firefox v Maxthon Post

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    All in One Messenger

    Internet geeks will agree with me that Meebo solved the problem of having to open various messaging applications( Yahoo Messenger, AOL, MSN). It was really cool and people simply loved it. I started using it only recently. Believe me, it does save you a lot of time and the computer a lot of processing time.
    All in One Messenger
    As time passed by, we saw new features like display pictures, skins and emoticons. Go meebo! , meebo me and meebo repeater only increased its popularity.
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    SPAMBOX – Get a temporary email address with email forwarding feature

    I found this interesting site Spam Box. It is a service that allows you to create a temporary e-mail address that will forward all incoming mail to your usual e-mail address.

    I entered my email address then selected expiry time as 1 hour and click the “Generate spambox” button. Here you go, a new email-id GoYFGd0K0hJDlga0@spambox.us is created.

    By the time i post this article the above spambox email id will have expired !!

    How is this SPAMBOX service useful?

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    Free POP3 access for Yahoo Mail

    Today, I am going to tell on How to get Free POP3 access for your Yahoo Mail account.

    Yahoo Pops!

    What is POP3?

    POST OFFICE PROTOCOL. More on it @ Wiki.

    If your email provider provides free POP3 service, You need not login to the account to check your mails. You can use email clients like Microsoft Outlook, Incredimail and many others on your PC.

    You just have to configure your client to access your mail that’s all! As soon as you have a new mail in your Inbox, the client will download the mail for you. So you need not login to your Inbox for newer mails.
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    Browser Wars Maxthon Vs Firefox

    As I mentioned earlier in my previous article hide browser that “I prefer using maxthon even though i have firefox installed“. Here it is….. I am listing out the features that makes me rate maxthon higher than firefox.Maxthan Vs Firefox Browser Wars

    I want all of you to read this article take out some time to download maxthon, install it and use it.
    I can assure you that the below listed out features will make your browsing much more easier. If you are firefox addict, then you will feel that all these features should be in firefox.

    I will list out the features that i compared with the firefox:

    NOTE: The features listed below are in the order of my liking

    1) Hide Browser:

    I feel this feature is very much useful. Using ALT + ~ Key, you can hide the browser, it works as a toggle key. More on this @ Hide Browser at workplace

    This feature isn’t available in firefox and there are no plugins/addons available to hide firefox window. But there is a addon/plugin to hide the tab bar for firefox.

    Download and Install Hide Tab Bar plugin
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    Want your message read 50,000 years from now?

    Ever heard about Time Capsule?

    Time Capsule Definition from Wikipedia

    A time capsule is a historic cache of goods and/or information, usually intended as a method of communication with people in the future. Time capsules are sometimes created and buried during celebrations such as a World Fair, cornerstone laying for a building or other event. They can also be unintended caches such as at Pompeii. The phrase “time capsule” has been in use since about 1937, but the idea is as old as the earliest human civilizations in Mesopotamia.

    KEO satellite

    Keo Satellite

    The KEO satellite is a satellite time capsule which will be launched in 2009 or 2010 carrying messages and objects of the present earth to humanity 50,000 years from now, when the satellite orbiting earth will return.
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