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  • Tokyo Disney Sea- a trip to the fantasy world!

    Last weekend, I had been to Tokyo Disney Sea. It has been one of my most memorable trips. Built and operated by The Oriental Land Company, It allows you to go through the wonderland of Disney characters and enjoy the thrilling rides. I would not go into the history or technical details of it. Rather, I would just write down the experience one gets on being there. No doubt, since this was my first visit to a theme park.

    I was awed at the imagination and meticulous design used in each and every creation.

    Disney Sea

    The entire park has been divided into seven layouts that have separate themes. Each of them look so authentic as all the details have been properly taken care of. At the entrance itself, we saw the “AquaSphere” (globe surrounded by a fountain and Disney characters). This was their way of saying : Welcome aboard, your adventurous journey starts here. And yes, your photo shoot starts here, too.

    Disney Sea
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    How to open files that have unusual file extensions

    Imagine you just downloaded a file from the internet or have a file on your PC that has an extension that you have never seen before. Now, you want to know as to which program or application can open this? I had faced this problem few years back. For Instance: I downloaded games with some extensions ( .7z and .sif ) that I had never encountered it before. I wanted to install the game. So, I did R&D by searching in Google and found a website http://www.filext.com/

    Now, you have got a file with an unknown extension, what will you do?

    FILExt - The File Extension Source

    Just Go to http://www.filext.com and type the extension and it will search from its database and show the applications that can read your file extension, sometimes you may find more than one application that can open the file with that extension.
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    How to Hide browser at workplace

    How to Hide Browser at Office

    Today, I am going to pass on a trick that i am using from a long time, way back from 2003. I use it everyday, umpteen times a day at my workplace.

    Maxthon Browser

    Most of you those who browse at workplace ( to pass the time ) and don’t want others to look at what you are browsing ( especially your boss )

    I am using a browser from 2002 – till date and this browser has an option to hide the browser 🙂

    The feature to hide the browser is called “Boss Key” ( you can guess why the feature is named as this 🙂 ). There is a shortcut to hide and unhide the browser Alt + ~ key combination like a toggle switch. The option can be found in File Menu.

    The browser is Maxthon (formerly MyIE2). You can download the browser from here.

    How to Hide Browser

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    Is Yahoo Chat safe ?

    Want to ask you “Is Yahoo Chat safe ?”. Think….

    My answer:
    well, it depends…

    I came to know from my 10+2 friend Maqsood that one can peep into others yahoo chat messages

    Lets start from the networking perspective. As most of you know, any data in network is passed as a packet. Every packet has a destination IP address, source IP address and the message itself.

    In this case yahoo chat messages are also transmitted as packets.

    Sniffer can be used to monitor the network traffic or packets flowing in the network.
    Yahoo Messenger
    On the net you can find yahoo sniffer which sniffs packets to capture yahoo chat packets.

    Now the question is… If you have sniffer running on your PC, sniffer can read only those packets that are coming to your system i.e., only your buddy’s messages. then how come you can get your neighbor’s chat messages?

    The answer lies here…. the type of hardware device used to connect multiple PC’s (your, neighbors) by your internet provider.

    There are two types of devices that can be used :

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    Shane Warne Interview by Parkinson Youtube Video

    Shane Kieth Warne one of the greatest leg spinner of all time. Check the Cricinfo profile

    I had downloaded the Shane Warne Interview by Parkinson after his retirement. I downloaded from the web.
    Shane Warne
    After downloading, I uploaded the Shane Warne interview on YouTube.

    Because the interview is long and YouTube allows only 10 minutes or 100 MB of video, you will find whole interview divided into nine parts.

    Shane Warne Interview by Parkinson 1 Video :

    Shane Warne Interview by Parkinson 2 Video :

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    ThinkersOnMove is now NiharsWorld!

    Welcome aboard to our world covering Cricket, Bollywood, Reviews, Android, Apple, Mobiles, Microsoft, Technology, Reviews, Gadgets and More

    Blooming Flower

    After a week long separation from you all as ThinkersOnMove blog, we are back as NiharsWorld. This time we are back with more information and more energy and hope to keep you hooked to this site longer.

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